USS Indianapolis CA-35

A once, noble warship, lies at the bottom of the Philippine Sea with her back broken and forgotten. The common grave of 883 souls of her crew.

Forgotten, perhaps by most Americans today, but for what remains of her now, aging crew, or those left of their loved ones, she will never be forgotten, for the nightmare, which put this noble lady at the bottom of the sea looms forever fresh in their minds.

This Website is dedicated to the 1,199 men of her crew who faced the Devil head on, and experienced his fury and his contempt for goodly men.

It is dedicated forever to those who lost their lives in that fury, and to those who remain still, to tell the nightmarish story, if they dare.

Mostly, the site is here to remember one of those who did not survive; yet lives forever in their loved one's collective mind and heart. The Sailor we honor here is Gunner

Seaman 2nd Class George Edward Jones, USN
of Blaine, Tennessee
Known as "Ed" by his friends and family.

May you, in some way be touched by the Story of the USS Indianapolis CA-35, and by the life of one of the crew members who did not make it.

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